Meeting of the Parks Committee

Thursday 21 January 2021

Virtual (Zoom) meeting


1. To receive apologies for absence.

2. To confirm the Minutes of the Meeting of the Committee held on the 8th July 2020 (Appendix 1)

3. Declarations of Interest - to invite Members to declare any Disclosure Pecuniary Interests (DPIs) and/or Other Disclosable Interests (ODIs) in the following items on this Agenda.

4. Treasurer’s report for priority and budget setting 2021/22.  (Appendix 2)

5. Allotments:

  1. Bee Hives (Appendix 3)
  2. Chickens (Appendix 4)
  3. Requests from out of area (i.e. Bewdley and Kidderminster)
  4. Email received from local resident re parking at Kingsway Allotments (Appendix 5)
  5. Letter of resignation from Frank Williams – Areley Kings Allotments
  6. Tenancy Agreement and Rules for Kingsway Allotments (To follow)

6. Request from Areley Kings Village Hall to plant additional trees and shrubs around the car park and immediate environs.

Any other business in accordance with Standing Orders.


Councillor D Little

Councillor Mrs V Higgs

Councillor R Lloyd

Councillor D Russell

Councillor G M Talbot