Stourport-on-Severn Town Council Committee Membership

The first item of business at the first meeting of the committee will be to appoint a chair and vice-chair. 

Appointments Panel

Councillor D Little; Councillor Mrs V Higgs; Councillor Mrs N Martin; Councillor C Rogers

Civic Hall Partnership Group

Councillor D Little; Councillor R Lloyd; Councillor Mrs N Martin

Finance Committee

The Mayor - Councillor K Henderson; Councillor D Little; Councillor R Lloyd; Councillor J Thomas

Grants Committee

Councillor Mrs L Henderson; Councillor Mrs V Higgs; Councillor Mrs N Martin; Councillor D Russell; Councillor H Williams

Parks Committee

Councillor D Little; Councillor Mrs V Higgs; Councillor R Lloyd; Councillor D Russell; Councillor G Talbot

Stourport Forward Working Group


Town Centre Working Party

Councillor Mrs V Higgs; Councillor D Little; Councillor D Sheppard; Councillor H Williams

Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS) Working Group

Councillor T Berry; Councillor Mrs V Higgs; Councillor D Little; Councillor Mrs N Martin 

Planning Committee

Councillor T Berry; Councillor Mrs V Higgs; Councillor R Lloyd; Councillor D Russell