Grant applications 2021/2022 - Guidelines and conditions for applicants

The Town Council sets aside each year a sum in its budget with a view to providing grants to support local community voluntary organisations and groups. In 2022/23 this sum is £2,700.00.

The objective is to support and encourage a diverse range of community activities within Stourport including those of a sporting and cultural nature as well as those aimed at giving assistance to welfare and charitable concerns.

Procedure and Timetable

  • Grant support will be made available subject to sufficient funding in the Town Council’s budget and the level of funding provided to other applicants during the year.
  • Applications, using the attached application form, are to be submitted to the Town Clerk. Applicants may be invited to address the Town Council’s Grant Committee when it meets to assess the application.
  • The Committee will assess applications on a six-monthly basis at their meetings in June and December to recommend the allocation of funding (if any). The final decision to award funding will be made by the Town Council at their meetings in July and January.
  • Payment to successful applicants will be made in the month following Council’s decision.
  • Only one grant application may be made in any financial year from 1st April to 31st March.

Grant applications will only be considered if the following criteria is met:

  1. The organisation/group is based in Stourport, has a local branch in Stourport or can demonstrate some other significant connection with Stourport.
  2. The organisation/group directly benefits a defined group of residents living within Stourport or the near vicinity.
  3. The organisation/group is established and has a constitution or some other formal system of decision-making through a committee which may be accountable to its wider membership or to those for whom it provides services. The Council will not fund an individual or individuals operating in their own names.
  4. The organisation/group has its own bank account for which there should be at least two authorised cheque signatories or similar control over electronic payments. Where an organisation/group is in the process of being formed it can ask an established organisation to accept and administer the grant subject to their approval and subject to that other organisation also being able to comply with the criteria listed in item 6.
  5. The organisation/group does not generate financial profit for its members
  6. The organisation/group can demonstrate a financial need for funding. It should supply copies of:
    • Its last annual accounts;
    • And last bank statement.
  7. The application is for a specific project; full details of that project should be given including an outline of what is entailed and explanation of how and when the project will be completed.
  8. The application is for a specific item of expenditure; an explanation should be given detailing why the funding is required.
  9. The organisation/group indicates it has received or is in the process of seeking funding from other grant awarding bodies;
  10. The organisation/group can provide details of its own fundraising efforts for the project or its running costs.

Award Conditions

The Council has a responsibility to ensure proper administration and accountability of public funds. It is therefore important that the Council ensures that the awarded grants are appropriately spent.

The Council requires the organisation /group receiving a grant to:

  • Acknowledge receipt of the grant in writing
  • Provide evidence to the Town Council that the funding has been used in accordance with the proposals listed on the application form
  • Acknowledge, by way of in its annual report and accounts, that the funding was provided by the Town Council
  • Be prepared to participate in any publicity that may be arranged by the Town
  • Inform the Town Council immediately if the organisation/group is experiencing any financial, administrative or managerial difficulties that may prevent the fulfilment of the project or the purchase of goods.
  • Report immediately suspicions that any part of the funding being misused.

Non-compliance with any of the conditions of the grant may result in a request for all or part of the funds to be repaid.

Any unspent funds, that the Town Council has not agreed in writing can be retained, must be returned by the end of the financial year.

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Application to be completed in MS Word

Application for printing (MS Word)

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